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Do you want to manage your anxiety and stress, stop worrying all the time and be more relaxed, more often? Let me help you rediscover your inner calm and your joy in life.

Anxiety and Panic Attacks and Smoking Cessation

Are you anxious, stressed, frazzled and worn out?
Would you like learn to be more relaxed, motivated and confident?

I know how stressed and anxious life can make you and I want to help. I’m giving you this audio recording free of charge because I want you to get off the hamster wheel for a little while.

This relaxing recording has positive messages which means you can learn to be more motivated, more confident and to relax more easily.

It’s yours to keep and use as often as you like, you just have to ask.

Anxiety and panic attacks can be so draining. The worrying about everything and the over thinking just goes on and on.  Its exhausting.

Maybe for you it is like a low level hum in the background, not dreadful but always there, dragging you down a little, every day.

Or is yours more distressing now, giving you physical symptoms and panic attacks.

Perhaps you are one of the many people who try to get rid of the feelings of anxiety by comfort eating, stuffing down the strong emotions that come with it. But this doesn’t really work for long, does it, and it just means you put on weight.  This causes you even more anxiety and drags your self-confidence and self-esteem even lower.

Are you are one of the millions suffering from social anxiety? For you going out is a challenge, so you binge drink to quell the fear and unease inside you and kid yourself it helps you to be funnier, more attractive.

It’s time to do something about it now. Time to learn to manage it better, less destructively, be free and live the life you want.

I also specialise in smoking cessation.

Both my Life Beyond Anxiety Programme will help you to manage your anxiety and panic attacks or other symptoms you have.  Or if you want to give up smoking then my Stop Smoking VIP Package will give you everything you need to stop smoking forever.  So that you can take the steps  you want towards becoming the person you really want to be, the happier, healthier, more confident you.

You know change can be so much easier than you ever thought possible. You can do this. I’ll support you every step of the way.

We can work face to face in Central London or via Skype, Zoom or FaceTime from the comfort of your own home or the convenience of your workplace.

Take the first step now and book a complimentary call with me to talk about your anxiety or how you can easily stop smoking.

What is the Complimentary Call?

Finding the right therapist is so important.  You won’t relate to everyone and we all have our own unique style, life experience and ways of working.   Do you feel you could trust them, do they seem to get you and your issues, would you feel comfortable with them?

The only way you would know, unless you have a strong recommendation, is to reach out and speak to them.  That’s why I offer a complimentary half hour (or longer if we need it) call to discuss anxiety or smoking cessation so that you can ask me questions, get a better understanding about how I work, discuss the number of sessions I think you may need and, of course, the price.  We’ll then decide if we are a good fit and could work well together.  If I feel I’m not the right therapist for you I can point you in the direction of someone I think may be a better for you.  You’ve nothing to lose because, even if we don’t end up working together, I’m sure we’ll have a lovely conversation anyway.

You can begin, here, right now.

So whatever your issue, large or small, call or click to book now.  As Nike says, Just Do It!


If you’re a detailed person here is more information about how I work



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