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Finding the right therapist is so important.  You won’t relate to everyone and we all have our own unique style, life experience and ways of working.   Most therapist will offer an initial consultation.

However, when you are planning on working with a therapist think about the following:

  • You’re possibly going to be doing some deep work at some point so do you feel you could trust them with your feelings.
  • You want someone who has some experience in life, who understands anxiety and can empathise with you.  Someone who will not be judgemental and who can really offer the support you need. Do you feel comfortable talking to them and do they inspire confidence in you?
  •  Are they being realistic about the work you will need to do to make the changes you want to make or are they making silly promises that you know can’t possibly be true. Everyone is different and each person makes changes at their own pace but a good therapist will give you an idea of how much time you will probably need, based on their experience, to get the result you want.

The only way you would know, unless you have a strong recommendation, is to reach out and speak to them.  That’s why I offer a complimentary consultation call so that you can check out how I sound, how I work and, of course, if I feel I can help you.  And even if we don’t end up working together, I’m sure we’ll have a lovely conversation anyway.

Book your complimentary Beyond Anxiety Call

Your anxiety will have its own unique triggers, history and pattern.  It’s important that any work you do to manage your anxiety better, whether that’s controlling panic attacks, increasing your confidence, stopping procrastination or any of the other varied ways anxiety can show up, that it is tailored to your needs, relevant to your issues.

Speak to me about how my Life Beyond Anxiety Programme works and learn how you can live a life without anxiety.  It’s possible. I know because I am doing it now.

So click this link to book your Complimentary Call – and begin to imagine how much better your life will be without constant anxiety.


Book your complimentary Smoking Cessation Call

Many therapist will tell you that you only need to sit down and listen to a hypnosis script and that’s it. I’m not like that.  I would like to speak to you first in some depth to find out what your drivers are for giving up smoking, what triggers your desire to smoke and only then can we begin to think about working together. You tell me all about your smoking history, including times in the past when you’ve stopped and I won’t be judgemental, I am an ex-smoker myself who gave up many times before I finally found a way that worked.  I’ll tell you how my method works and what to expect and then, if we both think we are a match, we’ll book a face to face or online session to do the work.

So if you want to stop smoking, save a ton of money and get healthier click this link to book your complimentary consultation and speak to me about how you can become smoke free forever.


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