We often think of phobias of being scared of spiders, heights or maybe flying.  But anyone can develop a phobia to more or less anything, buttons, needles, failure, public speaking, vomiting.

They say everyone’s phobia is funny, except our own and they can sound funny but they’re often anything but.  They can be embarrassing, frightening, demoralising and limit your life.

Phobias are different from ordinary fears in that they cause distressing symptoms and can interfere with your daily life.

Tackling a phobia can make all the difference.

Imagine if you overcome a fear of flying, for example.  Instead of a drunken, drug fuelled, anxiety ridden, seemingly endless journey  you could have a relaxed flight to a wonderful holiday.  Or instead of vomiting in the toilet you could stand up and do that presentation at work that you know will get your that bonus or promotion.

You see, phobias are learned responses to something in your past, that you may or may not remember learning – so Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help you unlearn it for good.  You may be surprised at how easy it is.  So email me now or why not book a complimentary call to chat about how I can help you get over your phobia – whatever it is.

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