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Hi Welcome to the Happier with Hazel Podcast page, the podcast that helps you to overcome challenges, be more calm and relaxed, less anxious and stressed, feel happier and live your best life.

I’m Hazel McCallum, an experienced Coach,  Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and wise woman, and I want to invite you to my podcast where each week I’ll give you tips and techniques to help you overcome the challenges you face  – so that you can take the first steps on your journey to being a happier, healthier version of you.

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Series 1

Episode 1: All about series 1.

Episode 2: Do Holidays Make You Anxious?

Have you ever struggled with anxiety about going on holiday?

Maybe you get nervous booking it, stressed about the packing and everything there is to do before you go and then when you get there you go and get sick.

Well that’s exactly what I’m going to help you with on this week’s show, where you’ll learn ten top tips to help you look forward to holidays as a fun time instead of dreading them.

If you’re about to head off on a well-deserved, much needed holiday – but are feeling strangely stressed about it rather than excited, don’t worry, you’re not alone – it’s more common than you might think. Listen in to get away without the drama!

Episode 3: Get a Grip on Anxiety

Have you ever struggled with anxiety or maybe you’ve got some stuff going on and you’re wondering if it’s anxiety related? Well, if the answer is ‘Yes’ then you’re in the right place as that’s exactly what I’m talking about on this week’s show.

Anxiety can show up in many different ways so you may not realise that what you are going through is anxiety related – or maybe you know you have anxiety and you want some help to manage it more effectively. Listen in to learn more about anxiety and I’ll be giving three tips you can use so that from today you can start to take control of your anxiety, instead of it controlling you.

Episode 4: Ease anxious thoughts – how to still the negative chatter in your head

Have you ever struggled with negative, internal chatter? A brain that just never seems to shut up or tire of beating you up?And do you ever worry about how many negative thoughts you have?  Well, that’s exactly what I’m going to talk about this week in my latest Happier with Hazel podcast, where I’ll be telling you why you get this radio gaga in your head and what you can do to make it a little bit more helpful and less destructive.

Learn to turn down the volume on the negative, anxiety producing internal chatter.
Download the show notes here.

Episode 5: Why strong emotions make us stupid and how you can ‘do’ emotions better

Have you ever had something happen to you and, as a result, you feel such strong emotions that it feels overwhelming.  .  It feels like you can’t control it and you can’t think straight.  Maybe you freeze or burst into tears and afterwards you feel silly, exhausted and embarrassed.  You see strong emotions, when we don’t manage them, make us stupid and hijack our thinking.

But it doesn’t have to be like this.  You can get better at recognising and managing your yourself so you understand your emotions and you never have to risk being paralysed or swept away by them again.

Strong emotions make us stupid.  Learn how to control yours now.

Download the show notes here.


Episode 6: Successful Women Are 50% More Stressed than Men.  Is This You?

Success seems to be more stressful for women, but it often goes unrecognised and undiagnosed leading to burn out, stress related illness and exhaustion.  Find out if you have signs of dangerous levels of stress and what you can do about it. Whether it’s you or someone you know that’s under pressure, man or woman, you need to know how to understand stress so that you can do something about it – before it’s too late.

Download the show notes here.

Common signs and symptoms of stress download.


Episode 7: Are You Burned Out? 10 ways to tackle it and feel better

If you feel stressed, anxious, exhausted, starting to hate your job, and beginning to feel less capable at work, you are showing signs of burnout. But what causes it and what can you do about it? Listen to this week’s episode when I’ll be discussing burn out and 10 practical tips to tackle it.




Series 2 launching 7th October 2019

In Series 2 I’ll be going deeper into what happiness is and what often keeps us back from being happy.  I’ll be looking at the research around how we can be happier, habits that get in our way, self sabotage and being on the wrong track in life.  Each episode will have practical tips to help you to be Happier with Hazel.  So subscribe now so you don’t miss a single episode or sign up to my mailing list and I’ll remind you.

Series 2 Episode 1

Are you Happy?

How happy are you and could you be happier or is the constant striving for happiness making you unhappy?

If I asked you if you’re happy, what would you say?  Yes, no, sometimes, never, always?  When people are asked what they want for their children, their family, their friends it’s usually ‘I just want them to be happy’.  But what is happiness and should we be spending so much money, time and energy in order to pursue it? Why are some people happier than others, no matter what life throws at them? In this episode learn why we’re all under so much pressure to be happy, why we shouldn’t even be happy all the time and how struggling to reach happiness is doing the opposite and making us all anxious, stressed and unhappy. But it’s not all gloom and doom – listen in to learn how you can be happier.





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