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Welcome to Your Smoke Free Future

  • You want to give up smoking and maybe you’ve tried so many things already, including willpower, but nothing’s worked.
  • You worry about the risks of cancer, early death, premature ageing and all the other health effects of smoking.
  • You know the money you spend on cigarettes in a year could pay for a very nice holiday instead of just going up in smoke.
  • You’d like to do it but worry that you’re going to fail, put on weight, be grumpy and suffer terrible cravings.

Well it doesn’t have to be like this.  I can help you quit with ease. For ever. It’s possible. I know I’ve done it.

Why not book a free, no obligation, Stop Smoking with Ease Consultation call now to find out why, this time, it can be different.  

Stop Smoking VIP Package

My four step Stop Smoking VIP Package is an entirely new approach .  It uses the best of neuroscience, cognitive hypnotherapy, coaching and other powerful techniques that change your thinking to help you to stop smoking for good. It’s different to anything you’ve tried before, and it works.

My method ‘retrains’ your unconscious so that you simply don’t want to smoke any longer. 

Just stop for a minute and imagine how great that will feel. How powerful and free you’ll feel. 

No more late night garage walks of shame or tapping up strangers for a cigarette or a light.  And no more worrying about the smell or the cost or the effects on your health.

I know how great it feels because I smoked for many years, I come from a family of smokers, and having given up I would never, ever be a slave to cigarettes again.

I also have very personal reasons for helping others to stop smoking.  I lost my father and two sisters to smoking related diseases too early when they were still young, and I miss them. They didn’t have access to the kind of help I’m offering when they needed it, but you do.

So make the decision to turn this around and book a Stop Smoking  consultation call now to chat about how this works and take the first step to join us healthy, smug and financially better off non-smokers!

What does it cost?

Of course you want to know how much this will cost you. 

The cost of the complete package is only £499.00 payable in advance.  

Not much when you think how much cigarettes are costing you each year.

You might find a cheaper therapist, but I don’t do cheap, I do excellent and effective.  This isn’t your usual ‘sit you down, read a script and off you go, good luck’ kind of hypnotherapy session.  This is a radically different  level of expertise and service.  

And of course, for many people it’s not about the money.  It’s about the freedom from the smell, the disapproval of others, the worry about their health.  It’s about gaining back those extra years of precious life and good health.  

So do it now, you know you’re worth it. 


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